More on the AMC

I wrote something yesterday about my thoughts on the proposed asset management company and i have a few extra thoughts to share on the subject. It seems a lot of countries have tried to use AMC’s to deal with non-performing  loans all with various degrees of success. I found a paper that analyzed the effects… Continue reading More on the AMC

Asset Management Company to the rescue….maybe?

The Asset Management Company Bill has been passed by the Senate with the aim of solving the current banking crisis. So what will the AMC do? It will effectively by up the bad loans from banks thereby cleaning up the banks balance sheets therefore fixing the banks and allowing them to resume lending. At least… Continue reading Asset Management Company to the rescue….maybe?

State fiscal crises?

I have read a couple of articles in different newspapers about a potentially serious situation. Apparently big brother is not getting enough revenue to distribute to the states leaving the option of not distributing any funds to the state or dipping once again into the excesss crude account. The excess crude account has about $4bn… Continue reading State fiscal crises?

Funny way to boost nursery school enrollment rates

I just read a very interesting article on a joint attempt by the Anambra state and UNICEF to help improve nursery school enrollment rates. They selected 806 women from 38 communities which had higher school drop-out rates and , here is the funny part, gave them tv’s, dvd players, generators, popcorn machines, baking ovens and… Continue reading Funny way to boost nursery school enrollment rates

Miracle time?

Goodluck Jonathan has been sworn in as president (no longer just acting ) and expectations of his one year presidency are sky high already. From providing stable power to rebuilding infrastructue. Not to forget credible elections and police reforms. I have just one question though. Just how much can Goodluck really do in one year… Continue reading Miracle time?