Mission One: Take down the predecessor

It seems the first job of every Nigerian president so far is to destroy everything the previous president has done. Jonathan is proving to be no different. Why fire a guy who has had less than a year to turn the NNPC around? Yet we wonder why the company is in such bad shape. Of… Continue reading Mission One: Take down the predecessor

Is Corruption an excuse?

A couple of weeks ago i taught my students about Corruption and its effects on economic development and I thought to share the main points of our discussion. Let us start by stating the facts about corruption. Corruption, commonly defined as an illicit transfer of funds, is everywhere. Corruption exists in every single corner of… Continue reading Is Corruption an excuse?

Unintended Consequences of “Bank Reforms”

It seems the Central Bank has succeeded in frightening banks so much so that they are unwilling to take on any form of risks. According to sources, lending to the private sector has almost completely dried up. Proof of this can be seen in the crashing of one month deposit rates from about 12% in… Continue reading Unintended Consequences of “Bank Reforms”

Why is he in the news?

I realize the whole idea of freedom of speech and all that but why do we keep drumming on about Ghadaffi wanting Nigeria split into two or more recently eight. Hey everybody is entitled to his own opinions right and thankfully he does not and cannot decide on any Nigerian affairs. I just do not… Continue reading Why is he in the news?

Jos Crises: Random thoughts

There we go again. Barely two months after the 4th edition of what is now known as the Jos crises we have what could be seen as the 5th edition. We wake up to news of hundreds dead, the govt imposes a curfew…oh wait there is already a curfew from the last time, the President… Continue reading Jos Crises: Random thoughts

Just Where is Nigerian Stock Data?

I’ve spent close to a week looking for Nigerian stock price data on the internet. I know it is relatively easy to find today’s stock prices and maybe yesterday’s prices but I am unable to find daily prices for the last year. It is really really surprising. If you have any ideas where I can… Continue reading Just Where is Nigerian Stock Data?