Deregulation: Mixed Signals.

There seems to be some kind of confusion between the NNPC and the government on exactly what their plans are for the downstream oil sector. On the one hand the federal government seems to be focusing only on the removal of the subsidies on the importation of crude oil products as a kind of cure-all… Continue reading Deregulation: Mixed Signals.

Is deregulation of the downstream oil sector really that bad?

So the unions are at it again. What do they want this time? They are threatening to go on yet another strike over planned deregulation of the downstream oil sector. They also want a hike in the minimum wage as well as a bunch of other demands but we’ll focus on the deregulation part. So… Continue reading Is deregulation of the downstream oil sector really that bad?

WOW! Guess who makes almost $400000 a year

No I don’t make that much money but guess who does? Nigerian law makers. Yes those guys in the national assembly who were fighting on national television the other day. The annual salary for a law-maker is about $198739 per year and allowances of about 194636. I’m not sure if the allowances are monthly but… Continue reading WOW! Guess who makes almost $400000 a year

Amnesty…Deal or No Deal?

The amnesty deadline has passed. With all the furore over the surrender of weapons ( or at least some of them) by some of the key militants ( I still don’t like that name), the big question on everybody’s lips is what next? Are we going to see long lasting peace and development in the… Continue reading Amnesty…Deal or No Deal?

Just what is wrong with our Universities?

ASUU and Nigerian Universities have once again become the talking point of many discussions with the current ASUU strike and the seemingly deplorable state of Nigerian Universities. So just what is wrong with Nigerian Universities?

Let me start off by saying that there is no reason to believe that education is not a normal good. Education which is really an investment in human capital or knowledge and skills is a normal good like apples and cell phones…