Do we really need to know their names?

I am still yet to understand the rationale behind publishing of a list of debtors. If the goal is to recover the debts then just what is the point of broadcasting the debtors to the country. Newspapers don’t recover debts or do they? There are loop holes in our financial system two of which include… Continue reading Do we really need to know their names?

Misplaced Priorities

I came across this story in the Vanguard and could not help but comment on it. Talk about misplaced priorities. The bottom line of the story is the Abia State government is shopping for N30bn in loans to build a 5 star hotel and an international market. Do these people really know what the job… Continue reading Misplaced Priorities

Petroleum Industry Bill-Draft

I finally got my hands on a DRAFT copy of the Petroleum industry bill. It seems pretty authentic as I got it from the NNPC website. It is about 200 pages long so I have not read it yet but I will soon. If you are interested in reading it you can get it from… Continue reading Petroleum Industry Bill-Draft

Deregulation: Mixed Signals.

There seems to be some kind of confusion between the NNPC and the government on exactly what their plans are for the downstream oil sector. On the one hand the federal government seems to be focusing only on the removal of the subsidies on the importation of crude oil products as a kind of cure-all… Continue reading Deregulation: Mixed Signals.

Is deregulation of the downstream oil sector really that bad?

So the unions are at it again. What do they want this time? They are threatening to go on yet another strike over planned deregulation of the downstream oil sector. They also want a hike in the minimum wage as well as a bunch of other demands but we’ll focus on the deregulation part. So… Continue reading Is deregulation of the downstream oil sector really that bad?