Sim card registration? What? Why?!!?

Call me ignorant but I just stumbled across the phenomenon called “sim card registration”. The bulk of the gist is to get a working sim in Nigeria from Aug 1st you will have to register and provide your bio metric information and all that. Why? Apparently cellphones are now used as a tool to commit… Continue reading Sim card registration? What? Why?!!?

Hey we are are broke. No wait, we are not.

Hey we are broke! No wait, we are not broke. Ok you are not broke, you are insolvent. Well we are only insolvent because of the money you owe us and have not paid. But you owe us more than we owe you. You do? Hold on let me ask the CEO you just fired,… Continue reading Hey we are are broke. No wait, we are not.

Multi-year tariff order vs Electricity Trading

I wrote something a couple of weeks ago about why the setup of the electricity sector in Nigeria leads to too little production, very few incentives to actually increase capacity and an electricity pricing regime that is stagnant. And all this is without corruption and government ineptitude. The flavour of the month now is the… Continue reading Multi-year tariff order vs Electricity Trading

What do we need to do to get some electricity around here?

Electricity! Seems like the problem with epileptic power supply never goes away. Governments come and go. From Military dictators to civilian dictators, NEPA to PHCN, Minister to Minister. All have failed to figure out how to provide stable power supply. Yes it could be that they were all corrupt and selfish individuals who made no… Continue reading What do we need to do to get some electricity around here?

Are we nearing the end?

I stumbled across the latest release of the Failed State Index and unsurprisingly Nigeria makes the top 20 yet again. We came in behind countries such as North Korea, Yemen and Ethiopia. If you recall we made our grand entry into the top 20 failed states in 2007 at 19th and are slowly but surely… Continue reading Are we nearing the end?