Are we nearing the end?

I stumbled across the latest release of the Failed State Index and unsurprisingly Nigeria makes the top 20 yet again. We came in behind countries such as North Korea, Yemen and Ethiopia. If you recall we made our grand entry into the top 20 failed states in 2007 at 19th and are slowly but surely… Continue reading Are we nearing the end?

“Ban all Imported Milk”……….

At the blue corner we have the consumers of milk both big and small who argue that this ban will possibly force them to shut down their factories and lead to milk becoming too expensive for the common man. At the red corner we have the domestic farmers who propose that “if milk is banned,… Continue reading “Ban all Imported Milk”……….

Bail out No. 2

Hold your horses. It’s not what you think it is. This time it’s for the airlines. The CBN announced a 500bn naira bail-out package for the airline industry. The rationale of the CBN is a default by airlines will put more pressure on the banks and could put the banks under even more stress (I… Continue reading Bail out No. 2

What Econometrics tells us about the World Cup

Yes I know and NO I’m not trying to ruin your fun by somehow talking about Econometrics and the World Cup at the same time but I came across this interesting report by some guys who obviously love running regressions at PWC. They ran some regression to figure out what factors correlate with good world… Continue reading What Econometrics tells us about the World Cup

More on the AMC

I wrote something yesterday about my thoughts on the proposed asset management company and i have a few extra thoughts to share on the subject. It seems a lot of countries have tried to use AMC’s to deal with non-performing  loans all with various degrees of success. I found a paper that analyzed the effects… Continue reading More on the AMC

Asset Management Company to the rescue….maybe?

The Asset Management Company Bill has been passed by the Senate with the aim of solving the current banking crisis. So what will the AMC do? It will effectively by up the bad loans from banks thereby cleaning up the banks balance sheets therefore fixing the banks and allowing them to resume lending. At least… Continue reading Asset Management Company to the rescue….maybe?

State fiscal crises?

I have read a couple of articles in different newspapers about a potentially serious situation. Apparently big brother is not getting enough revenue to distribute to the states leaving the option of not distributing any funds to the state or dipping once again into the excesss crude account. The excess crude account has about $4bn… Continue reading State fiscal crises?