Amnesty…Deal or No Deal?

The amnesty deadline has passed. With all the furore over the surrender of weapons ( or at least some of them) by some of the key militants ( I still don’t like that name), the big question on everybody’s lips is what next? Are we going to see long lasting peace and development in the… Continue reading Amnesty…Deal or No Deal?

Just what is wrong with our Universities?

ASUU and Nigerian Universities have once again become the talking point of many discussions with the current ASUU strike and the seemingly deplorable state of Nigerian Universities. So just what is wrong with Nigerian Universities?

Let me start off by saying that there is no reason to believe that education is not a normal good. Education which is really an investment in human capital or knowledge and skills is a normal good like apples and cell phones…

Useful Insights on Kidnapping and Terrorism

I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar by one of the top economists researching on terrorism. One of the topics which caught my attention was the effectiveness of counter-terrorism policies. The results on kidnappings in particular caught my attention. The study showed that conceding¬† to kidnappers demands resulted in 2.62 additional kidnappings. Violent… Continue reading Useful Insights on Kidnapping and Terrorism

Off to Saudi Again.

First of all I realize that i have just been posting news articles recently but I seem to come across lots of news stories that I just can’t help but comment on. What is it this time? Our beloved president is apparently off to Saudi Arabia again on a “working visit” at the invitation of… Continue reading Off to Saudi Again.

Re-branding? (Update 1)

It appears the FG’s attempt at re-branding Nigeria is working. We suddenly seem to be the target of a whole lot of jokes. I’ll watch district 9 this week and try to see what all the noise is about. Nigeria ‘offended’ by sci-fi film Update 1: I saw the movie finally and its really not… Continue reading Re-branding? (Update 1)

Above the law

It appears some people are really above the law. The can’t be arrested for corruption, can’t be arrested for taking a none performing loan (is that really a criminal offense?) and their property can’t even be touched in the event they took a none performing loan. I guess the laws are different for everybody. Ex-Gov… Continue reading Above the law