The Nawo project

Participating in politics can be very difficult. Most think of politics as simply voting during elections but voting is actually the end of the political process, or political cycle. Participating in politics is more than just voting. It is joining a political party, engaging in debates, attending meetings at your ward, discussing with your delegates,… Continue reading The Nawo project

Naira Struggles: Nigeria’s Response to the Crude Oil Price Shock of 2014

  I wrote an essay on Nigeria’s foreign exchange struggles since the last crude oil boom ended in 2014. Worth reading if you want a bit of context on how we got here and what we should be doing next. Note: It was written before the “windows” policy was implemented but the inference is still… Continue reading Naira Struggles: Nigeria’s Response to the Crude Oil Price Shock of 2014

Why tomatoes

I had an article in the guardian yesterday about tomatoes. Lots of blowback. Apparently, people care a lot about their tomatoes. So much so that someone suggested the article was sponsored. Sorry to burst the bubble guys but it wasn’t sponsored. Another said I was opposing government policy for opposing sake, and not offering any… Continue reading Why tomatoes

Quick question on the “Paris club refund”

First a bit of background. Nigeria incurred a lot of debt in the 80’s mostly from the Paris club, a group of international lenders. The federal government took these loans and spent it alone. A proverbial chopping and cleaning mouth. The loans of course needed to be serviced and paid back. Now, since about 1995,… Continue reading Quick question on the “Paris club refund”