The Nawo project

Participating in politics can be very difficult. Most think of politics as simply voting during elections but voting is actually the end of the political process, or political cycle. Participating in politics is more than just voting. It is joining a political party, engaging in debates, attending meetings at your ward, discussing with your delegates,… Continue reading The Nawo project

A Plan

I have been one of those in favour of the removal of fuel subsidies. However for most Nigerians the problem is not that they don’t understand the logic of spending wisely. The problem is they don’t trust the government to do so. The government has used these tricks in the past and there really is… Continue reading A Plan

Re-branding? (Update 1)

It appears the FG’s attempt at re-branding Nigeria is working. We suddenly seem to be the target of a whole lot of jokes. I’ll watch district 9 this week and try to see what all the noise is about. Nigeria ‘offended’ by sci-fi film Update 1: I saw the movie finally and its really not… Continue reading Re-branding? (Update 1)