What economists really do?

Economist (or Errconomist) bashing is not something that is unique to Nigeria. In the last decade economists have gotten a bad name, mostly as a fallout from the last big financial crisis. Specifically for not being the equivalent of a babalawo who can predict the future.

The unfortunate truth is that most don’t really know what economists do. A couple of economists in the UK, facing their own unique anti-economist challenge, have written a great article trying to explain what economists actually do. It’s a great place to start to understand what economist do and to dispel some of the popular misconceptions about economists. Linked below

Dismal ignorance of the “dismal science”

There’s also a hashtag on twitter, #WhatEconomistsReallyDo with other economists telling you what they actually do. A good place to get a grasp of the great, and not so great, work economists around the world are doing.



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