The Nawo project

Participating in politics can be very difficult. Most think of politics as simply voting during elections but voting is actually the end of the political process, or political cycle. Participating in politics is more than just voting. It is joining a political party, engaging in debates, attending meetings at your ward, discussing with your delegates, campaigning for your issues and so on.


The problem is, most of all that is very difficult, time consuming, and in many cases downright dangerous. Information on what to do is also very scarce. While thinking about this issue I looked through the websites of most political parties and almost none had the basic information on how to join the party. The best I found was “send an email to x person”.


So I said to myself, “Can this be easier”? Can participating be as simple as going on Facebook. Considering that people bank from home, hold meetings from home, and even work from home, can we participate in local politics from home too?


This project is my attempt to find out. The plan, so far, is to build a digital interface that will allow me, and people like me, participate in local politics from the comfort and safety of home.


If you think this makes sense, and you think you can help make this a reality in your spare time (yes developers, but not only developers) , head over to and sign up and we can take it from there.


Note: this is NOT an attempt to start a political party. There’s also no money in this but please volunteer. The satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment is priceless.


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