What debt? Spend like there is no tomorrow



Thinking about government spending and the path to debt problems. My article in guardian today.


4 thoughts on “What debt? Spend like there is no tomorrow

  1. Mr. Nonso,
    Marvellous Job you are doing here. But i must say that i believe as Nigerian, we know the right thing to do but lack the will to do it even after planning and policy making. I see you becoming a Voice to recon with globally. Please how do i follow up your previous articles and that of your colleagues at THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPERS.

    Once again, Kudos to you.

    David, N.

  2. Keep up the good work. I do follow your articles and i have been greatly enlightened by them. I also get notified of new articles by you but it seems what i get these days are directions to a newspaper article. There is neither a link to the article on guardian website (if any) nor a link to read the article on the internet. I do not have access to the newspaper hard copy, so i do not know how to go about it.

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