Union politics + The role of students in the mess

I wrote last week about ASUU and how most other unions run the same scheme with the FG. Strike, populist backlash, pressure on government, sign an unimplementable agreement in exchange for the promise of not striking for a while, wait until the administration leaves office, strike again based on the lack of implementation of the unimplementable agreement, and so on.

Other unions run the same scheme although they are not as succesful as ASUU. Public outcry about closed schools is a lot more than outcry about ….. closed …….

Anyway, it is not surprising that the other unions threaten solidarity strikes and all that. It is not really about solidarity but about protecting the scheme. If the FG manages to break ASUU then all the other acronyms know they are next. Better make sure ASUU suceeds then.

The wonders of politics.


In all this spare a thought for the students. The students who don’t pay school fees by the way. I wrote something a very long time ago about how education really is an investment in your future. What value does zero investment return in the future? You guessed it, probably zero. Or close to it. Makes me wonder if the gradual rot in the university system is simply because students don’t pay for it.

Of course the official story is that a lot of Nigerians can’t afford it. This is in spite of the alleged billions of dollars spent by the very same Nigerians studying abroad. The challenge is to figure how to get those who can afford it to pay for it while allowing those who can’t participate. But the discussion isn’t even on the table so I guess we will leave it the super rich FG to pay for everything. You can real my old thoughts on this here. Note: It was written more than four years ago when I was still a novice economist. Not that I anything but now.


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