More on Union Strikes and the National Cake

I wrote yesterday what i thought about the ASUU strike. Basically I think its just a move to get a bigger share of the “national cake”. It turns out its not just ASUU that uses this technique. SSANU, NASU, ASUP, NUT, and resident doctors are all on strike or threatening to go on strike any day now. The story in all cases is the same; we are striking to protest the Federal Government’s failure to implement their agreement with us. This agreement is not really about us but about improving the system.

On the surface it sounds credible. They do have agreements which the government has failed to fulfill. These agreements are however almost always signed to be implemented at a “future” date and possible by a “future” administration. Think about it for a second……

The negotiating administration is alway under so much pressure to end the strikes at all costs that it is willing to pass the buck to a future administration by making commitments that probably cannot be implemented beyond their tenure. The acronyms all know this.

Should the current administration be forced to stick to not-so-implementable deals struck by previous administrations or is it time to move union negotiations to a more permanent institution? Maybe the National Assembly?

Personally I don’t see the need for uniform salaries anyway.



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