Back to Blogging + Thoughts on ASUU


It has been months since my last post. What’s my excuse? I have been in between jobs and countries. That excuse has kind of expired now so I should be able to share my thoughts more frequently.

First of these thoughts is on the Academic Staff Union of Universities aka ASUU. They have been on strike for more than three months now? The usual excuse about the federal government not implementing an agreement signed sometime in the past. Of course the official line from ASUU is that this has something to do with improving the quality of universities and bla bla bla. The FG thinks otherwise.

Of course thinking about the motivations behind each party’s claim always makes things a bit clearer. This is how I see things; There is a national cake. Each group want to get as big a piece as possible from this national cake. Each group is willing to use all the tools at its disposal to achieve this goal. For ASUU the tool to increase its share is to strike and I think its all about the cake.

What proof do I have? Well what happens to the quality of universities every time ASUU strikes? Nothing. What happens to the pockets of ASUU members every time they strike? A very efficient tool they have there.


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