Toot your horn every now and then

I follow @budgitng on twitter. It is a service that tries to gather as much useful information and data on mostly government related issues in Nigeria, and tweet about it.

Yesterday the service tweeted about happenings in Nigerian railway. Turns out a lot of stuff has been done and continues to be done to improve the services. Mostly centered on reconstructing or rehabilitating old railway tracks. Everyone knows about the Lagos – Kano line but the improvements don’t end there. There is a lot more progress than just Lagos-Kano.

It got me wondering; why isn’t the government shouting about the progress? And why aren’t people at least acknowledging that something is being done somewhere?

I guess the problem is its the lack of real information that makes it difficult to acknowledge anything the government does. What is the railway plan? Don’t know. Timelines? Don’t know. Makes it very difficult to judge performance. That shouldn’t be the case in 2013. They should have websites with plans and timelines and contractors and all that stuff. And no, tv shows with ministers and governors saying I’ve done this and done that do not count.

Of course it is also possible that all the “Railway gains” were really mostly done by previous administrations and the current administration doesn’t want us to know. Hmmmm. Added to the list of demands come 2015.

P.S I am not sure what the past tense of tweet is. Tweeted?


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