Time flies while trying to catch up

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Mostly about education in colonial Nigeria. I came across this and thought to share it. It is from a paper titled “Education in Nigeria” by Frederick Patterson from 1955.

The North has not been willing to agree on 1956 as the time for complete self government. This has been vigorously urged by political leaders of the East and West. The difference reflects to some degree the northern belief that their region’s backwardness according to western standards in education, governmental organization and per capita wealth would place them at a disadvantage in a unified and self governing Nigeria. The North, therefore seeks time in which to erase some of the educational and economic disadvantages of the present.

Interesting how the story is basically the same 50 years later. Makes you wonder about the roles Northern leaders have played in maintaining the status quo.

No this is not a split up Nigeria and leave the North behind post.


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