One funny thing about the fuel subsidy palaver

Actually two funny things about the fuel subsidy palaver. We have all read the news. The corruption in the fuel subsidy administration was monumental. Money literally vanished in the trillions. The house has asked certain marketers to refund billions and so on.

Here is the first funny thing. The house of assembly cannot force anyone to refund anything. It is beyond their job description. They can play politics and try to get some marketers but that’s the best they can do. Only the courts can really force the marketers to pay. My guess is that report will not stand up in court and most of the marketers will walk free. Why? You asked me to bring fuel. I brought fuel. You signed that you saw it. You paid for the fuel. I gave you the fuel. I left. Bullet proof case in almost any court room.

I am not defending the marketers or anything of the sort but the house cannot be investigator, judge and juror. Yes there was a lot of corruption and most of the marketers may be guilty but if the house can demand payments arbitrarily now then what stops them from demanding payments in the future when there is no valid reason?

On to the second funny thing. Very funny indeed. Subsidies are still being paid to most of the same set of marketers using the same administrative processes by most of the same administrators under the same supervision of the same NNPC. Who wants to guess the result at the end of the year?

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