Waiting to pounce

The recent killing of the British and Italian hostages in the failed rescue mission in Sokoto raised more questions about the security crisis. Perhaps more surprising was the denial by Nigerian terror group of the year, Boko Haram, of any involvement in the kidnapping and eventual killing. This got me wondering…. just how many armed and trained groups are out there?

I know of at least three, Boko Haram, OPC, who went to great lengths a while ago to show its might, and MEND. There are probably other armed groups out there. The Niger Delta no doubt has a few groups besides MEND. MASSOB may claim they are armed but who knows. Boko Haram may be the most popular group in the north but there may be others.

The only thing really keeping these groups from rising up and forcefully taking control of whatever territory they occupy is not good will but the presence of a much larger and stronger Nigerian military. The military may not be the most efficient in the world but they are big enough to act as a check on these groups. I wonder what would happen if the formal Nigerian state for whatever rnoteason ceases to exist and its military as well.


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