Newtons first law of motion in Hausa?

I have been looking at education statistics in the north recently. Abysmal. It seems attitudes to education are almost as responsible as government failure, corruption or any of the other leadership issues which are not specific to the north.

It is also telling that a large part of the variation in literacy rates in the south can be explained by the presence of missionary activities during the colonial era. Something which was mostly absent in parts of the north because of the presence of strong Islamic states prior to colonization.

Is it plausible that this symbiotic relationship between christianity and education serves as some kind of disincentive in parts of the north? The graphs below show the correlation between literacy rates of local governments areas in 2010 and the fraction of the district which was christian or muslim in 1952. The district in 1952 which each LGA was a part of. The graphs suggest that current literacy rates cannot be explained by christian history. Although christianity seems to matter there are lots of LGA’s who have almost no christian history but still have very high literacy rates today. On the other hand islamic history seems to definitely have been detrimental.


Could apprehension towards christianity, which also happened to come packaged with education, be party responsible for the abysmal literacy rates in the north? Or is there something else? Corruption and government failure are not unique to the north so it cannot be just that. Can something be done to disentangle christianity and education in Nigeria? Perhaps development of modern education in Hausa. Do physics, chemistry, economics and the like need to taught in english? Do you live in the north? Do most primary or secondary schools teach in english or Hausa? I really interested in finding out.


One thought on “Newtons first law of motion in Hausa?

  1. Perhaps Arabic.
    But like @amasonic suggested, it may have to do more with a deliberate misinformation campaign by the elite to have an impoverished populace to control than anything else.
    But there’s a lot of science in the Middle East and most of it is in Arabic.

    I however worry that the day you do that, you REALLY Balkanise Nigeria…

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