Making tough decisions now

Now that GEJ has been sworn in for another four years the time for politics and talk is over. There are lots of tough decisions that need to be made. Decisions which the Nigerian public will not like but need to be made anyway.

Chief of these is the famous fuel subsidy and licensing procedure both of which need to change. Nigeria should be a hub for crude oil products and is not largely because of the fuel subsidy program and the crazy licensing procedures. Both of these need to change and change soon. The fuel subsidy needs to be scrapped and the licensing procedures needs to be made a lot easier and more transparent.

Change won’t be easy. The cost of making unpopular decisions in a political climate that seems fraught with peril will be difficult but these tough decisions need to be made now while there is enough time for the current administration to witness some of the benefits which probably will not happen immediately but will happen in the future. The closer we get to the end of this administration the less likely the current administration will witness any of the benefits and hence the less likely they are to make these tough decisions.

As usual we will wait and see.


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