The hiatus

I’ve been on some sort of blogging hiatus for a while now. Ok maybe a little more than that. I’m back now however and ready to add my own 2 cents to the Nigerian economic discourse. Not much has changed in Nigeria since my last post though. The Petroleum industry bill is still……. somewhere in the national assembly, PHCN has not changed its name yet and the “reforms” have not yet taken off. Still no super-grid being constructed and still no real change to the electricity pricing system. The security situation has changed, for the worse. From bomb blasts to assassinations to the stealth return of boko haram. AMCON has taken off but haven’t really started tackling the toxic assets issue although to be fair the financial system seems to have been stabilized ( kudos to Sanusi, I confess I had no confidence in you earlier on). Jega want’s an extra N6.6bn. That about sums up all I’ve missed since my last post. Oh, and GEJ is on Facebook and twitter.

So I haven’t really missed anything then. If you think i left out something let me know.

And make sure you register to vote. No excuses.

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