Why is he in the news?

I realize the whole idea of freedom of speech and all that but why do we keep drumming on about Ghadaffi wanting Nigeria split into two or more recently eight. Hey everybody is entitled to his own opinions right and thankfully he does not and cannot decide on any Nigerian affairs. I just do not get why local newspapers keep reporting his comments.

Newsflash: We don’t care what Ghadaffi thinks.

4 thoughts on “Why is he in the news?

  1. On the surface, it may seem as though the media was sensationalizing the relevance of Ghadaffi’s comments. However, when one considers the timing, (the country’s image, and National stability had been facing significant challenges at the time) any additional negative press was bound to incense a lot of people who just wanted the spotlight to be taken away while we dealt with the already embarrassing issues on ground. Had his remarks come at a less volatile period, they would not have received the same news coverage, and would have been quickly dismissed by most Nigerians.

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