Misplaced Priorities

I came across this story in the Vanguard and could not help but comment on it. Talk about misplaced priorities. The bottom line of the story is the Abia State government is shopping for N30bn in loans to build a 5 star hotel and an international market. Do these people really know what the job of government is supposed to be. A 5 star hotel and to a large extent an “international” market ( I’m not sure I know what the international there means) are businesses that can be done by private individuals and will be done if it is commercially viable to do so. Now I know I haven’t been to anywhere in Abia since 2001 but I really doubt they have pipe borne running water in their homes. I’m also sure Aba is still the waste bin it was back then with trash all over the place. I know Dubai and Doha and all those other rich states build hotels and such all the time but they have loads of cash and we don’t. They have constant power supply, we don’t. They have running water in their homes, we don’t. Remember the job of Government is primarily to provide those essential services that ordinarily would not be provided by private individuals. Investing in electricity or water or roads or waste management will have more of an effect on Abia state than a five-star hotel.

Abia, Assembly differ on N30bn bond

2 thoughts on “Misplaced Priorities

  1. freaking stupid nigerian politicians!!! dats y dey dont wnt to establish good schools for the populace so mo ppl in da country wont b educate & cant challenge da govt nor fight 4 dia rite….hell 97 percent of the ppl dnt evn knw dia rites dy think its a previlage 2 have BORE HOLE WATER nOT EVN PIPE BORNE! …i pray 4 moda land always…..

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